ADA Accessibility Statement • SoJo Spa Club

ADA Accessibility Statement

At SoJo Spa Club & Hotel we care about all our guests. It is important to us that everyone who visits our website or spa and hotel feels welcome and finds the experience seamless and rewarding.

We strive to provide accessibility services and accommodations to help all of our guests who may have additional needs or requirements.  Our commitment to accessibility is a hallmark of our hospitality and ensures that all individuals can experience our extraordinary accommodations.

A few examples of of our commitment to providing ADA accommodations: 

  • Handicap Accessible self-parking is available, including “van accessible” spaces
  • Parking spaces are located on the ground level at locations nearest to the entrances.
  • Elevator service from ground level to rooftop for ease of access
  • All doorways are wheelchair accessible
  • Pool lifts at each pool
  • All areas of the spa are accessible via ramps, no steps or abrupt level changes to hinder movement 

If you have any questions, or would like to share your feedback with our management team, please email us at [email protected]