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Charcoal Sauna

Location: 5th Floor

Benefits of the Charcoal Sauna

  • Increases metabolism and energy
  • Aids in relief from headaches, backaches, and arthritis
  • Relaxes muscle stiffness, soreness, and tension
  • Relieves digestive issues, gas, and bloating
  • Can absorb and eliminate heavy metals and other chemical toxicity found in our bodies


Estimated temperature range: 180-200 degrees

The lump wood charcoal in this sauna is made of sections of Korean oak with all traces of water and vaporous elements removed through heat. It burns purely with no emissions. Charcoal can absorb and eliminate heavy metals and other chemical toxicity found in our bodies. Also, the heat energy generated from charcoal relieves long-accumulated stress and fatigue, as well as relief of headache, backache, and arthritis while increasing metabolism and energy. 


  • First documented use was in 3750 BC by the Ancient Egyptians
  • Well known for its medicinal uses and treatment of epilepsy, vertigo, poisoning
  • Activated charcoal is possibly the oldest method that has been used to detox

What to Do Next

Located nearby is the Ice Room, the perfect pairing for a sauna circuit.

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