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Outdoor Amenities

Heated Pools & Baths Open All Year Round

Infinity Pool
A smiling couple & 3 friends enjoy NYC skyline from SoJo spa club's rooftop infinity pool on a bright, sunny day

Infinity Pool

Our hidden gem tucked away more than one hundred feet above River Road., offering a spectacular panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline.

Hydroptherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our open-air hydrotherapy pool and hot tubs combine three of nature’s most powerful therapies: heat, water and air – to offer restorative properties.

Couple sits in the hinoki bath surrounded by lush greenery

Hinoki Bath

The rich grain white cedar wood of our Hinoki Bath provides smooth surface texture and exudes a soothing lemony fragrance – a unique natural scent known as “hinoki thiol,” a natural antibacterial oil that tranquilizes the body and mind.

New silk bath at sojo spa club

NEW Silk Bath

The newest amenity at SoJo Spa Club! A new and improved Silk Bath, with a larger seating area, perfect to revitalize your tired skin.

Heated carbon-rich bath at SoJo Spa Club, boulders for sitting, surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. Steps lead to pool entrance. Serene atmosphere.

Carbon-rich Bath

The warm bath water is enriched with a high concentration of natural carbon dioxide, which is known to increase blood oxygen levels and improve circulation.

Three friends enjoying the waterfall feature at SoJo Spa Club. One walking through cold water, another lounging nearby, third sitting with feet in pool. Surrounded by greenery, with tranquil sound of waterfall.


The cold plunge waterfall allows guests to experience the benefits of hot and cold therapy. Take a relaxing dip in one of our heated outdoor baths and then cool off in our cold waterfall. *Closes during colder months

Foot Massage Path

Foot Massage Path

Take a leisurely stroll along our outdoor walking path. The combination of smooth, flat and rounded stones under shallow water will provide walkers a natural foot reflexology massage.

Dry Sauna

Outdoor Dry Sauna

An outdoor sauna modeled after Finnish tradition.

Heated silk bath surrounded by lush greenery, with a cold waterfall in the background. Lounge chairs on the deck under bright sunny day

Silk Bath

The Silk Bath utilizes state-of-the-art Japanese white ionization technology that infuses hot spring micro-bubbles directly to the water to nourish body tissue and improve skin elasticity.



Coming with a group? Snag a cabana by the Infinity pool.

On a bright, sunny day, two woman and a man relax on the Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

Catch some rays or catch up on your latest book in our lush and flower-filled Rooftop Garden while overlooking an outstanding skyline view.

Outdoor Women's Warm Bath

Outdoor Women’s Warm Bath

Enjoy a private, women’s only outside hot bath.

Outdoor Men's Warm Bath

Outdoor Men’s Warm Bath

Enjoy a private, men’s only outside hot bath with views of the George Washington Bridge