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Bath House

Location: 4th Floor

Three baths located in a modern bath house.

Bath House (Gender Specific)


Attached to each locker room is a full bath house with variety of soaking baths along with standing and sitting showers. We ask that you shower before entering any pools and baths. All indoor areas of the bath house are nudity optional.

We ask that guests please shower before entering any pools or baths. There is no cell phone use permitted while in the locker room or bathhouse.


Korean Body Scrub

Korean Body Scrub

Experience a part of Korea’s culture with an authentic Korean Body Scrub at SoJo Spa Club. In Korea, people go as much as once a week to a jimjilbang (bath house) where they sauna, steam, soak and ultimately, get a scrub with brightly colored mitts. These scrubs exfoliate every inch, as we do mean every inch, of you, making them much more effective than the American-style salt scrub.

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In ground hotbath locate din a bath house.

Hot Bath

The hottest bath found in both the Men’s and Women’s Bath Houses.

In ground warm bath located in a bath house.

Warm Bath

A warm bath with jets found in both the Men’s and Women’s Bath Houses.

In ground cool bath located in a bath house.

Cool Bath

The coldest bath of the three baths found in both the Men’s and Women’s Bath Houses.

Plunge Pool

Meant for a quick and invigorating immersion rather than a luxuriating soak. A popular cold therapy option for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, utilizing the cold plunge pool is thought to assist in muscle repair, relieve pain, and release endorphins.

Gender-specific outdoor bath located in a bath house.

Outdoor Bath

Attached to each Bath House is a secluded hot soaking bath for women or men only. Perfect for those seeking fresh air as they luxuriate in the water. Bathing suits are required in this bath.

Wet Sauna Men's Bath House

Steam Room

Our Steam Room provides a potent combination of high heat and high humidity to promote increased circulation, relieve stress, clear congestion, and even improve skin health.

Wooden benches inside a dry sauna at SoJo Spa Club

Dry Sauna

This therapeutic sauna provides a hot, low-humidity environment.


The familiar standing showers make for a comfortable cleansing experience before and after your spa day. Or experience a traditional Korean seated shower – the perfect set up for a deep exfoliation session.

Three baths located in a modern bath house.

What to Do Next

Make sure to rinse off in the showers as you explore the gender-specific Bath House!

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