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Outdoor Dry Sauna

Location: 4th Floor, in the Courtyard

Dry Sauna

Benefits of the Outdoor Dry Sauna

  • Revitalizes cell metabolism and improves circulation
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Promotes deeper sleep and improved digestion


This outdoor sauna echoes the traditions of the Finnish sauna houses often built in close proximity to natural water by offering the detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits of the sauna, surrounded by a cold waterfall and heated soaking baths.


  • The earliest version of Finland’s saunas are believed to be traced back to 7000 BC.
  • Finnish saunas were believed to cleanse body and mind for the purpose of finding inner peace.

What to Do Next

Try the cold counterpart to thermotherapy… cool down under the waterfall conveniently located nearby!

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