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Hydrotherapy Pool

Location: 4th Floor

Hydroptherapy Pool

Benefits of the Hydrotherapy Pool

  • Helps improve circulation within an injured limb and speeds up the healing process
  • Help relieve muscles and provide temporary relief for arthritis symptoms
  • Reduces aches, sore muscles, and joint stiffness
  • Cold hydrotherapy causes superficial blood vessels to constrict, moving blood flow away from the surface of the body to the organs
  • Hot hydrotherapy causes superficial blood vessels to dilate, activating sweat glands, and removing waste from body tissues
  • Alternating between both decreases inflammation and stimulates circulation


The hydrotherapy pool was created for stretching and massaging underwater. Multiple aqua-jet nozzles are carefully placed and installed to massage the entire body from the neck area to the calves.


  • Dated back to Ancient Greece, but also used by Ancient Chinese, Roman and Egyptian civilizations, used for skin cleansing, promoting circulation and metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and healing illnesses.
  • Japan believed so much in the healing power of water that it became very prevalent around 730 AD
  • Japan used it to enhance wellness, beauty, and aging as well as medical conditions
  • Become popular in the US by the 1840s
Dry Sauna

What to Do Next

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