Locker Room • SoJo Spa Club

Locker Room

Location: 4th Floor

Front desk is a spa locker room with a wall of robes and towels on display behind it.

Locker Room


Men’s and Women’s area with large private lockers to fit all your personal belongings. Towels & robes provided for your stay at the Locker Room front desk when you first enter. Change into your swimwear and get spa ready.

We ask that guests please shower before entering any pools or baths. There is no cell phone use permitted while in the locker room or bathhouse.

Looking down an aisle of lockers in a locker room.

Changing Lockers

Your clothing locker number corresponds to your wristband. Open your locker by simply tapping your wristband on the black handle. Lockers automatically lock when closed.

Privvate changing station with a curtain amongst lockers in a locker room.

Changing Stall (Women’s Only)

Located throughout the Women’s Locker Room for those who prefer to change in a more private space. A separate “Pumping Room” for mothers who would like to pump privately is also now available.

A row of sinks in the restroom at SoJo Spa Club.


Additional restrooms are located on every floor of the spa.

Woman getting ready in Vanity area at SoJo Spa Club

Vanity Area

The perfect lighting and space to help you prepare to embark for the rest of your day feeling fresh and glowing.

Shelves of retail items for sale, including towels, skincare, and bathing suits, at SoJo Spa Club


A small selection of items are available for purchase including water bottles and bathing suits.

Three baths located in a modern bath house.

What to Do Next

Make sure to rinse off in the showers as you explore the gender-specific Bath House!

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