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Red Clay Sauna

Location: 5th Floor

Red Clay Sauna

Benefits of the Red Clay Sauna

  • Acts as a mood booster
  • Increases mental energy and improves alertness
  • Revitalizes cell metabolism
  • Promotes deeper sleep and improved digestion


Estimated temperature range: 180-200 degrees

Red clay has been used for centuries around the world for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits. It is a silicon mineral affected by solar energy which produces massive amounts of negative ions through far infrared radiation. Infrared rays emitted by red clay increases blood circulation and oxygenation as well as releasing internal toxins from the pores and muscles. The Red Clay Sauna features 99% pure red clay imported directly from Korea. 


  • Used for over 1500 years for health and beauty purposes
  • Mined from deposits made by volcanic activity and geothermic changes in the soil
  • Traced back to Rome and Egypt

What to Do Next

Located nearby is the Ice Room, the perfect pairing for a sauna circuit.

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